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Waves/btc price guess competition :5 waves reward

As Messenger Token of WAVES, “READ attachment” wants to increase the use of messaging facility on waves platform.

So we announce a price guess competition:

The one who guesses the correct price of this friday’s closing waves/wbtc will win 5 waves.

Just send 5 READ attachment Token with your guess as attachment to 3PP7YRzz6TxywBisKpRfRz2vFUZJVRX7Fay

You may request free 5 READ attachment Token by commenting below with your wallet

Joining the competition has no cost to you.

Good Luck to all


1- The first wallet which sends the correct close price of WAVES/WBTC for 03/08/2019 as attachment with 5 “READ attachment” token to the wallet


wins 5 waves.

2- The reference price will be the one on http://dev.pywaves.org/dex 2 waves/wbtc ticker 03/08/2019 close price It is open to everone’s access and fair.

3- Last sending time accepted will be 8 March 18:00 UTC

4- If more than 1 wallets sends the correct price, the first sender wins the prize

5- The attachment can be as “0.00065999” or as “65999”…Both notification is accepted

6- We will also send 5 nearest guessers’ desired message to recent 5000 active wallets by READ attachment Token

7- Multiple entries with the same wallet is accepted

5 waves reward guess competition is over.

The close price of 03/08/2019 waves/btc pair is 0,00068428

There is no exact correct guess, but we give the reward to the nearest guesser.

The 5 waves winner wallet is


0,00068350 guess.

The wallets which wins 5000 transfers:

3PBHT64YVv7eixwXnnpxUBVPmDysP2z6Jdi 0.00068350

3PCkDwzq27H6rgjZV1q9JiBvajPid5Bqban 0.00068330

3P52jjct6jfRSG4MuwQSwy142Cyax8Aivt2 0.00068532

3P4nm3kAriAXw1z55wusXSJqzSPkVH1N39f 0.00068300

3PAsYZJXH5X9d8ai3fPFXfVWuVXKZAoB1wE 0.00068560

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